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06 February 2013 @ 03:59 am
ETA. AGAIN: CSDJfhkdjfhFLIST! Or, in other words, "I'm afraid I can't add anymore people atm, but then again I'm a really bad lj friend anyway so you're really not missing much. Except for maybe some whine. And who wants whine anyway? No one, is who. No one wants the whine."

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! None of the fics/fandom related stuff will be flocked. Initial policy still stands, though: feel free to come/go/friend/defriend/spam as you will!

Aaand that's basically it. YEP :3

18 September 2012 @ 10:40 am
Hey all! Hello :D

I have a small request. No actually it's HUGE? No I'm kidding it's tiny. Aaaah haven't you missed me? I KNOW RIGHT how did you make do without the puns! ... Oh god someone sprayed around with dude spray (that axe poison) in their room and I can small it through TWO DOORS. That is awful. Someone needs to do something about that. No really that's awful

Focus! Yes! Request! So, alright, it has recently been brought to my attention by several people that I probably need to have Accidental Memory stored/posted somewhere else, in case the BB archive breaks down or just because said people are super lazy and want everything on their AO3 account. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE LAZY PEOPLE. Earlier this summer when roga had me try to give her reasons why she should read the fic (surprisingly little came to mind o_o), and through babbling about I realised I never linked to all the different wonderful arts you guys have made for the fic from one LOCALISED post where you can find everything. So this is what I want to do, really: I want to repost it, and I want to gather all the brilliant contribution everyone has made to the AMiTCoD world--be it illustrations, mixes, videos, what have you!

This is where you come in. If you have made art, or remember seeing someone else's art somewhere (and still have the link), I would really love it if you could leave a note poibting me in the right direction :D With some of you I've been in touch at one time or another, some of you were more comfortable just sharing your art in other places than--you know. My wreckage of an lj. WHICH IS VERY CLEVER BECAUSE IT IS A MESS. But what I mean to say, is, my overview of who/where/what is close to non-existent by now, and I would greatly appreciate any or all help :D


2012's so far most often asked question: WHY AM I STILL AWAKE? Closely followed by, HOW COME IDIOTS ARE RUNNING THIS COUNTRY, which seemingly can apply to any given country at this moment in time. But let's talk about that other one, the still awake one, because I am wondering--why AM I awake, and why aren't I asleep? I have to wake up tomorrow. What is keeping me from sleeping? This is a very interesting query. One day I hope to master the brainpower needed to accurately answer this extremely complicated and delicate issue.

For now, I'll tell you about some very exciting things that are happening in my life. I ran into Elijah Wood and we had a drink, no I'm lying that never happened instead I now have a thyme, rosemary and mint plants. But it's okay, because they're AWESOME. No I seriously love these plants, they're adorable and yummy and very very healthy. It's okay to judge me at this point. I JUDGE MYSELF. And then I remember how much I love my plants and I stop giving all the shits


I'm saving going there until I've thought up enough lame sherlock puns to say when I order whatever

Speaking of Sherlock, I'm kind of--part thrilled and part uncomfortable by this gurruila reaction to the last episode? I mean, it actually reached my university--in, like. NOT THE UK OR THE US. And I've seen it all over the city, too, scribbles of 'I believe in Sherlock!' And the thing is, and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this, while it's really cool that the show has this brilliantly creative fanbase, and that emotionally it's really getting to people, I would also like to see the same huge mass reaction to, aaah--real-life issues? And I know that happens, to a certain extent, but it's just this demographic that I think could make such a huge impact, this creative collective that designs posters and slogans and I would love to see messages of social awareness and not-taking-bullcrap-from-narrowminded-assholes written bathroom stalls, plastered all over the university wall, shit like that! I don't mean to, you know, undermine fandom or trivialise it, and I know we are not a collective in the sense that we are all similarly privileged or from the same background, so everyone's experience is wholly unique etc etc and many of us may already be doing influential work re: social criticism, but I'm just saying--I REALLY like this movement. I do. I just love it so much I'd like to see more of it. In a different context.

ANYWAY SOMETHING ELSE. Did I ever tell you guys my dad's a huge Dr Who fan? He is. Since he was a kid! He's the dork who got me into it in the first place. THIS WAS HIS CHRISTMAS OUTFIT:

Also, the fest is not over yet! YOU CAN STILL COME AND JOIN IN THE FUN! There's loads of prompts still waiting to be filled and loads of fills just waiting to be read. OFF YOU GO THEN OFF WITH YOU *shoos*

AND THEN I ALSO MADE A DRAWING. Based on these FHKJDFHKDJFH cute puppies You know how I feel about drawing, no need to repeat the self-deprecation act, PLEASE CONTINUE WITH A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR SET TO NO-PRESSURE-THO MODE :D

Merlin | M/A (OR BJ/CMORG, same diff, really) | PG |

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AND HEY HEY GUYS HEY if you're on tumblr anyway and you like cakes, and WHO DOESN'T REALLY THEY'RE CAKES, come keep me company over here! It's my official cake blog where I--well. Post pictures of cakes and cookies and bug people as to what they think I should bake next :D


So, lot of people seem to have been under the weather lately! Also, where the hell did that saying even come from because all I can ever see when someone says that is a dude crawling out from under a weather-shaped blob going, ‘I don’t feel so great :(‘ and that’s RIDICULOUS

LET’S MAKE BREW OURSELVES A HAPPY SMELLING POST. HOW ABOUT THAT? LET’S DO THAT! I’ve been obsessively trolling this place lately (Daniel Handler is the deity I have chosen for myself in this lifetime), and then I saw this comment someone left on a fic somewhere thanking the author because the characters were so much like them and their love interest—and the fact the fic had a happy ending gave them hope. So I was thinking about that, and this, and that, and then wallowed a little in self-pity because it was about four in the afternoon which is about the time I do that, and figured we could all use a little bit of that. I mean, we’ve all had a shit time, at one moment or another, things we kinda want to rewrite. WELL LET’S DO THAT. KIND OF. ONLY DIFFERENT.

A multi-fandom happy-endings fest

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20 December 2011 @ 03:41 am
TROLOLOLOLOLOLing on my way to bed, but first, three (sleepy) matters to briefly discuss!

    1. IT WAS SNOWING BEFORE! And then it was raining so you can't even see it snowed. Some of my friends were at a bar when freaky 5 min snow cloud passed over, and I texted them about the snow (i.e., "SNOOOOW!!!!!"), but by the time they stumbled out of the bar there was nothing. They had no reason to even believe me. PERFECT CRIME? MAYHAPS. CONCLUSION? I'm the douche who wasn't at the bar with my friends :(

    2. MERLIN CAKE PICTURES! As promised. And by 'promised' I mean 'vaguely remembered by people who I've spammed this at':

    MORE HERE! Also if you have tumblr that's my tumblr and I would like to hang out please.

    I kind of want to post this somewhere, though, like some kind of Merlin blog where people make Merlin out of weird things? You know. "Look I carved Cmorg's face in the vaseline of a pot of lipmalm!" "I drew a dragon on my cat's tail!" "I put a wig on an eggplant and now she's Morgana." SO IF ANYONE CAN POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION I'D BE VERY GRATEFUL THANK YOU

    3. GONNA BE WRITING LIKE A FIEND TOMORROW CANNOT DO THIS ON MY OWN. WORD WAR ANYONE? ANYONE? BUELLER? I will be here if y'guys are up for it. I just googled 'make chatroom' and that's the first site that came up, so idk if it's crap. In the high chance that it is, feel free to direct to where the cool chatroom sites are!