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Merlin/Arthur Hug Meme ♥!

Who else needs this like burning? Tuesdays are just extended versions of Mondays and everyone knows it. I NEED A HUG. Merlin needs a hug. Arthur needs a hug more than anyone. And I have a feeling that you, friend, won't say no to a hug as well at the moment.

Totally and completely ganked from ras_elased, who hosted the jshgd brilliant kissing meme a while ago :D And also, just noticed they had a wonderful round of this at last week's fleet party (should really take a look over there if you have time, people. MULTISHIP HUGS THAT'LL WARM YOUR HEART, GAH ♥).


♥ Merlin/Arthur Hug Meme ♥

Hug meme! Make A and M hug. Is it a spell? Before a battle? A cuddle? The accidental expressing of emotions on escaping death? PUSHED TOGETHER BY MEDDLING KNIGHTS? Stuck in a hole in the ground? Everything works! As long as there are arms and limbs and the crushing of ribs, you're good <3

The rules:
1. Porn = allowed (WHAT WHAT), as long as it's still about the huggin' :)
2. Post your Merlin/Arthur hugs in the comments below.
3. No wank. Only love.

Want to share? LO:

(w/o le colour:)

ETA!: we now have a hugs masterlist! ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE VERY KIND thisissirius
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