H (derryere) wrote,

Poor cat. Poor eggplant.

TROLOLOLOLOLOLing on my way to bed, but first, three (sleepy) matters to briefly discuss!

    1. IT WAS SNOWING BEFORE! And then it was raining so you can't even see it snowed. Some of my friends were at a bar when freaky 5 min snow cloud passed over, and I texted them about the snow (i.e., "SNOOOOW!!!!!"), but by the time they stumbled out of the bar there was nothing. They had no reason to even believe me. PERFECT CRIME? MAYHAPS. CONCLUSION? I'm the douche who wasn't at the bar with my friends :(

    2. MERLIN CAKE PICTURES! As promised. And by 'promised' I mean 'vaguely remembered by people who I've spammed this at':

    MORE HERE! Also if you have tumblr that's my tumblr and I would like to hang out please.

    I kind of want to post this somewhere, though, like some kind of Merlin blog where people make Merlin out of weird things? You know. "Look I carved Cmorg's face in the vaseline of a pot of lipmalm!" "I drew a dragon on my cat's tail!" "I put a wig on an eggplant and now she's Morgana." SO IF ANYONE CAN POINT ME IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION I'D BE VERY GRATEFUL THANK YOU

    3. GONNA BE WRITING LIKE A FIEND TOMORROW CANNOT DO THIS ON MY OWN. WORD WAR ANYONE? ANYONE? BUELLER? I will be here if y'guys are up for it. I just googled 'make chatroom' and that's the first site that came up, so idk if it's crap. In the high chance that it is, feel free to direct to where the cool chatroom sites are!

Tags: a) i put a wig on an eggplant, b) and now she's morgana
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