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Hey all! Hello :D

I have a small request. No actually it's HUGE? No I'm kidding it's tiny. Aaaah haven't you missed me? I KNOW RIGHT how did you make do without the puns! ... Oh god someone sprayed around with dude spray (that axe poison) in their room and I can small it through TWO DOORS. That is awful. Someone needs to do something about that. No really that's awful

Focus! Yes! Request! So, alright, it has recently been brought to my attention by several people that I probably need to have Accidental Memory stored/posted somewhere else, in case the BB archive breaks down or just because said people are super lazy and want everything on their AO3 account. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE LAZY PEOPLE. Earlier this summer when roga had me try to give her reasons why she should read the fic (surprisingly little came to mind o_o), and through babbling about I realised I never linked to all the different wonderful arts you guys have made for the fic from one LOCALISED post where you can find everything. So this is what I want to do, really: I want to repost it, and I want to gather all the brilliant contribution everyone has made to the AMiTCoD world--be it illustrations, mixes, videos, what have you!

This is where you come in. If you have made art, or remember seeing someone else's art somewhere (and still have the link), I would really love it if you could leave a note poibting me in the right direction :D With some of you I've been in touch at one time or another, some of you were more comfortable just sharing your art in other places than--you know. My wreckage of an lj. WHICH IS VERY CLEVER BECAUSE IT IS A MESS. But what I mean to say, is, my overview of who/where/what is close to non-existent by now, and I would greatly appreciate any or all help :D


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